Send invoices and get paid, all on your domain

Bundlify is a brandable, client-managing, invoice-sending, and payment-processing system that you connect to Stripe and run on your own domain.

Launching June 2018.

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How do you invoice your clients?


You must hate invoicing.

You fire up Microsoft Word, dig up that template, double-check your client's details, bump the invoice number, export to PDF, and attach it to an email?

Your clients must hate your invoices.

They open the email and insta-mark it as unread because, "I don't have time for this."

Weeks go by.

They finally print it off, unearth their checkbook, scrape up an envelope, rummage for a stamp, mail off your payment, and hope to never go through that again.

In the meantime, you're twiddling your thumbs wondering if you're ever going to get paid.

That's no way to run a business nor treat your clients.

What if there was a better way?

Let me get this straight:

You do amazing work. When it's done, you give your client your PayPal email and ask them to send you money?

No actual invoice. No due date. No record of how much they've paid you over time.

That's unnerving.

What if your client doesn't have a PayPal account? They'll need to set one up, connect it to their bank, and figure out how to transfer funds.

That's frustrating.

Why would you want your final interaction with that client to be frustrating?

It should be a joy.

What if there was a better way?

Why do you think there's such a big gap between agencies billing out $1K/day and you struggling at $50/hour?

The secret is...

Most agencies have custom client platforms. Invoicing, project tracking, etc.

When they take on a client, the client gets access to their platform. If they switched agencies, they'd lose their history.

So they stay.

When you invoice with a tool like FreshBooks or QuickBooks, you're a commodity.

Yeah, it's nice that they can pay online and download their invoice. But they're still paying you through a third-party website.

That's not the type of person I'd want to hire long-term.

Now, what if you gave them the experience of invoicing and project tracking through your branded domain?! They'd come to you for everything.

But building a custom tool is time-consuming and expensive...

So we built it for you 😀.

Say hello to Bundlify.

Bundlify is the only invoicing tool that makes it easy to invoice directly from your domain.

You send them an invoice. They click a link, go to your branded website, and pay online. Done in seconds.

Clients pay more for professionals. It’s time you start invoicing as a professional.

It's the only easy-to-set-up, low-cost, no-maintenance way for your clients to have a 100% branded journey from first message to final invoice.

Launching in June 2018. Here's how it'll work:

Connect to your domain and Stripe.

With just a few clicks, put your Bundlify website on a branded domain or subdomain like

Connect to Stripe with a click and you're ready to go.

Connect Domain and Stripe

Send an invoice by email.

Quickly add your clients or import them from FreshBooks, QuickBooks, or a CSV.

Choose from 100+ currencies. Create a professional invoice in seconds and send via email.

Send Invoice

Client views and pays invoice all on your domain.

Funds are immediately sent to your Stripe account.

Plus, clients can see their account, projects, and invoices at any time. They'll wish they could have it for themselves.

Client pays invoice on your domain

That's it!

Give clients confidence with Bundlify — a simple, professional invoicing tool and Stripe-payment wrapper for freelancers.

Available anywhere Stripe is connected.

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